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Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy e-book

Get an instant download of the bestselling, highest-rated e-book on the market for getting past your partner's past, and gaining clarity and peace of mind.

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"Thank God I found this book... It put the final nail in this horrible coffin and made me feel like I truly moved on from retroactive jealousy." - Chris, USA

"This book provides a safe, comfortable way to look at the constellation of symptoms associated with RJ and provides ways to heal." - Jenny, USA

"If you have jealousy, even at all, you’ve just found the antidote! Concise, yet chalk with wisdom, this book is your answer." - Jeff, USA

"Almost immediate results after reading. I could not put this book down... I can feel things which used to bother me fading..." - Anh, USA

"I received this book yesterday and I already finished it. I have felt my mind clearing and changing, along with my heart healing. This is a great guide if you are truly ready to commit and overcome your partner’s past." - Anais, USA

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